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Setting up Members in Groups

Just an update….

We have received 28 applications and much appreciated…everyone has filled out the quick registration. I’ll be reviewing and putting everyone into Groups based on Time Zone, Ability and Experience. My guess is we had about 40 show interest, and I’ll be shutting down the registrations at the end of the week end. Thanks for the emails, different motivations to be here, some great stories…and I hope as we get going…you’ll get to know each member and what they are all about. Already I’ve had the chance to talk poker with a few of the syndicate and its been enlightening. Some are playing to support families, others as a career ambition, most as a hobby that we hope pays for our next car! Whatever the motivation, seems like everyone is very dedicated and passionate about the game…so very excited to be part of that group.

We’ll be employing the method of teaching, grouping by caliber…with one superior players, one average player and one weaker player where you learn from those of better caliber, you learn from your peers and you learn by teaching those below you. With approx. 30 members my goal is to:

1. Pair up a better player with a less skilled player….someone you can reach out to to rail, have him walk you through his strategy and play. In this case both players benefit, the teacher by rationalizing his moves (and the pressure of having to win!!!) and the student by watching and seeing how the better player handles key situations. This can be done live if possible or via HH.

2. Pair up similar players of equal skill…there seems to be a concurrent theme, closing down tournaments. I had a member tell me – any monkey can make the final 20 tables, but getting from there to the final table – is survival of the fittest. A few of our “higher” caliber players will enjoy the different road their peers take…so I think this will be very beneficial for our top tier talent.

3. Leverage our HH and Video/Book Library….obviously the student gets the benefit of learning from better caliber players. Leveraging our Pro video’s on PXF – we look forward to learning a great deal on how it’ done..

Format for discussion…http://thepokersyndicate.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=suggestionbox&thread=2
I’ll be adding a thread in the forum called ‘Format for discussion’ and attempting to put together a tight agenda of how each call will go…obviously a work in progress. I welcome any suggestions, I think I’ve sent out a few emails on how these skype calls will go. 10 mins. social, followed by a member presenting HH, then a round table and finally some video discussion or review of assignment. I’d also like a different member to take the helm “moderating” each group. However this is still a work in progress with a open canvas…feel free to offer your opinion on the forum as to how you see the calls working out. As well, it will get better over time…as we settle the group and figure out what gives maximum bang for the buck.

Finally, I’ll be working on an individual type introspective….seems like everyone wants the golden secret on how to win, when the truth is looking at your OPR, everyone has had that ability, so the question has to go back to you – what is it you NEED TO DO in order to win. I think I’ll have a quick chat with each player before 2010, to determine how to best go about improving their game – in their eyes. And from there have them formulate a plan on how to get there. We’re hoping to be able to add “podcast” like interviews to the site, with each player getting their 15 mins on the mike.

I have approached PXF and sent emails to Fox and others – looking for guidance…perhaps a helping hand…looking for our Head Pro who would be on call to offer advice as this moves forward. We hope to have a group leader soon….but beyond that – thanks to the many members who are pro’s who have offered to take the lead on several projects, present and offer advice…..much appreciated.

The site will be updated with Teams by Sunday evening….we’ll have our first assignment posted Monday…and first on line meeting scheduled for the following Monday. Stay tuned….

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