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November 23, 2009

If you check the members link – we’ve moved everyone into a meeting time and groups…as well as a POD. I’ve tried to take a “soft” look at your stat’s and determine if you are a 1-2-3 caliber player…and put you in a groups of three…PODS. I think everyone got the meeting time they preferred except perhaps “stringbender”….your free to join whatever poker discussion is on….

Again the POD CONCEPT – The basic idea is that you can count on those two other members (one has four) to work with your game.

You can also see who is considered a top tier player – feel free to add them to your skype and introduce yourself. I’ve left the spreadsheet open to everyone.

We’ve also put everyone into a meeting time – with 3 meetings planned 2x a month…with a 1 hour time on them. Thanks to Mark (UK-M X 5) for suggesting the Deuces Cracked Series – which I am reviewing…some great info…and will have to watch it after hours this evening. Thanks for that!!!! That will help guide me as to how to run an effective study group and will utilize to come up with a starting structure.

While spending an hour together – I’d prefer to be very focused…on either one topic, or presentation or tournament video….rather than a general discussion…so my goal is to be the facilitate the first week – and then that honor rotates – meaning everyone has to help in that regard.

The first meeting, will post an agenda before we get there…everyone should add me to their Skype..I’ll be manipulating my contacts file – and send it to everyone so hopefully it will have everyone in groups.

Finally – I’m toying with Yeguma – an extra from Skype which everyone should download – it allows you to see my screen….but may or may not work…we’ll test it at the end of the first meeting.

THE FIRST MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE THIS UPCOMING MONDAY AT 4 pm. Followed by a session at 9 pm and 10 pm…and WED at 4 pm. The smaller groups the first week will work great. If you need to change or another time suits you better – let me know – if you can’t make it – no worries – don’t send me an email everytime your shy!

There will be a few topics for discussion – outlined in the forum for our first meeting…as well as agenda posted here!

FINAL NOTE: In order to get these posts emailed to you – you can sign up on the right side of the screen…best way to get updates!

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