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FYI … took the “where should we play” down…weak effort..my bad. Answers were muddled along the lines of “this poll sucks”.

Bluff Magazine Article by Chris Torina called 5 Levels to Excellence…I thought it was a very thorough description of how a poker player evolves…

So the new and improved poll basically is asking you to look into the depths of your soul, and analyze where you are at:

Level One: unconscious incompetence
This is the state of mind (or lack thereof) of a player who has yet to establish the groundwork for his poker playing style. It is the mindset we have when we sit at the poker table for the first time. For Example, a player is new to the game and is yet to establish a range of hands that he will play. He tends to overplay mediocre hands, call down with long shots, or get his money in with the worst of it. It is the infancy stage of a poker player’s life.

Level Two: conscious incompetence
This is the state of mind where a player consciously identifies gaping holes in his game and decides to put forth the effort necessary to improve his play. He harnesses the motivation that is necessary to get the winning results he wants. This is the level poker players tend to apply numerous hours of practice and endless sessions to move up in limits and become better at something they love.

Level Three: conscious competence
At this level, the player can now apply mental effort towards his goal and begin achieving quality results some of the time. These results translate into to such things as mid-level tournament finishes or low limit cash game wins. It is at this level where players understand naturally that practice and endless work on their game can potenially manifest into great success.

Level four: unconscious excellence
This is the state of mind where things become automatic. It is at this level where poker players are naturally, and without effort, playing the game. Sitting at the poker table becomes like hitting golf balls for Tiger Woods. Results become consistently good as situations become less over-analyzed, more reactive and second nature. This is where a majority of todays poker stars lay and bank large financial gains.

Level five: conscious excellence
The Zone – the point where a poker player can simply bring his game to the next level at any given time. The level at which a player like Mike “The Mouth” Matasow can win the 2005 Tournament of Champions or a player like Tom McEvoy can wint the 1983 Main Event. This is the level where a player like Phil Ivey can play for 36 hours straight and never lose focus. It s the athletic parallel to Michael Jordan, leading the Chicago Bulls to an NBA Championship. It is the result of the first four levels of growth and teh cognitive proces of understanding what it takes to remain great.

Think about where you are and where you want to get too…over the week I’ll post a poll and we’ll see where our membership is at.

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