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You didn’t think it was going be free did you…

Due #1..
Get to know your POD. They are the first people you need to connect with. Drop them a hello on Skype. Send them your email….get to know them, where they are now, caliber, what their goals are…playing style. If you don’t have SKYPE lets get it handled.

Post either a HH under a forum of interest – either one you swiped from another forum or preferably one of your own. Learn the correct posting protocol…either that or RESPOND and put up your thoughts, no mater what level. YOU MUST CONTRIBUTE…part of the cost of being in the Syndicate.

Due #3..
Go look at who won, see their HH, you have DIRECT ACCESS to CHAMPIONS…USE IT. You’d be insane to want to get better at poker and not leverage their HH….they are more than happy to tell you their lines, reasons why they won. Ask good questions…and you’ll be rewarded. Example…Huge just put up 3 big wins, others will follow…feel free to dig through their HH and see why they won – what their lines were and reach out via skype.

Due #4
You going to have to contribute in the discussions, post hands, talk theory – just like in school you’ll be called on. Starting digging through websites, articles, downloads, and add them to our site.

We’ve come up for the first week discussion and will be setting up a forum blog to explain the nitty gritty….we’re all pumped.

Come on – lets not let this fade into another wasted project…make a contribution…work with the Syndicate….start posting.

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