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Someone who gets me …sigh

The Poker Syndicate
Some thoughts on an outline framework by MX5

Imagine it’s 2012 and our Romanian friend Marin Razvan (sick0) is being interviewed having just won the main event at the WSOP. In the background several hundred members of the Poker Syndicate – many of whom had deep runs in the tournament are cheering loudly.

Leggy Blonde: Can you tell us how you got so good and what you think it takes to be a successful tournament superstar like you have become?

Sick0: You want the long answer or the short one?

Leggy Blonde: Hey give me the long one – I get paid by the hour. Most of it will end up on the cutting room floor anyway. We’re only interested in a few shots of me… and you telling us how great the structure was and what a great organization Harrahs is.

Sick0: Ok, well, here’s what I did.

I worked with these guys over there in the Syndicate to work out what was important and then I took a good look at my strengths and weaknesses in those areas. Once I understood how bad I was, I set about plugging the gaps and measuring my progress over time. I used both profits and other measures to track my progress. I’m still measuring – even today although I don’t think I’ll be worrying about ROI for a while now.

Leggy Blonde: Duh wtf? Talk about crazy prop bets and stuff like that. How much of an influence were Hellmuth’s books and what kind of car are you going to buy.

Sick0: OK these are some of things I worked on.
I identified 23 things that I needed to understand better and I tackled each one using the Syndicate’s library of links to relevant articles, videos, coaches and members that were stronger in those areas. I learned ICM and the mathematics s of poker until push / fold decisions at the final table became second nature. I learned how to chip up early and keep the pressure on a table.

I fine tuned my bankroll management to make sure I never went busto. I worked on the differences between live and on-line play and adjusted my tactics based on different tournament structures within and across different on-line sites. I railed successful tournament pros both anonymously and in sweat sessions to identify leaks in my game and to open up new ideas on lines to take in certain situations.

I tracked MTT trends and adjusted my play over time to stay ahead of the curve. I built my bankroll using the Syndicate’s ‘low hanging fruit’ forum which identifies where the high value tournaments and satellites are each week. I reviewed key hands with members and guest pros and made videos for group sessions and strategy debates. I got to grips with all aspects of staking and backing to boost my bankroll and I learned to understand the nuances of on line tracking statistics. I developed a sophisticated HUD so I could play more MTT tables and increase my volume while maintaining or improving my ROI.

I wrote articles and coached new members which further strengthened my understanding of specific decision making factors like stack sizes, image, note taking and meta game. I learned how to identify specific leaks using Holdem Manager and worked on really getting to grips with specific lines like the ‘go & go’, the ‘stop & go’ and how to extract much more value from certain types of hands against certain types of players. Over time I also helped to develop the Syndicate’s core elements – the Community, The Model, The Library, The Measurement Framework and the Success Factors. Working on that really helped me get a better perspective on the game and what I needed to do to become the best I can be.

Leggy Blonde: OK Thanks, CYA.


All kidding aside, the long term goal of the poker syndicate can be measured in one thing – $$$$$$$$$. We all want to get better, but when you have Solid players like Strike1, MX5, RipperC and all of us… who in our own way rule over the peers we play against….the expectation is +EV….our time is valuable….we want more. Hungry to get better, Hungry to win more, to move up in stakes….

When I decided to do this, it was the reincarnation of a goal I had years ago….compete in the WSOP. Compete…not embarrass myself…cash, be respected. HOW…it boggled me that players could play in top flight tournaments and make it consistently to the end….its not luck….its skill. Trememdous skill. Then I found PXF…here they give you the plays, they show you…it’s gold no doubt.

However…with no offense intended to PXF -its a bit of a clusterfuck to get around all the video, the forums – no real roadmap to win. Just watch all this, do it on your own, figure it out. Sure that works….works well for lots of guys in our group…but I wanted more. A want a plan, a MODEL. A CHAMPIONSHIP MODEL. I play, I realize there are more ways to win a poker tournament, play a hand, go deep…not to mention styles to play – styles to play against. But there must be some consistency from win to win – from champion to champion – call it factors of a champion.

I base this on the belief that a fundamental PLAN…regardless if you follow it – can make you a better player. You need to know what your TARGET IS…how you plan on getting there…and then can modify that path as needed. When I drive to Florida for vacation – I plan with a google map how to get there…now that may change, may deviate based on traffic, on speed etc. and I take a reroute. But I know where I am going, I know I can always go back to the plan. It allows me to analyze where I am at, where I need to go – what I need to get there….again it can change….but by laying it out – and setting targets ….it just gets you there.

We’ll discuss more on our first discussion session. I’ll share with you a Championship Model – incorporated 5 years ago and leading to Championships. I could bet my house I can pick a winner in a particular league. I can pick a winner with confidence because over the last ten years, all the championship teams have the same characteristics. Have them – you win….if you don’t – you won’t…proven!

MX5 is a rock of player – a bit of a poker savant – with memberships to every video site, cashes in WPT, WSOP and of course online. I like talking to Mark – he see’s the vision. He gets it and has taken it deeper than I ever could just because he understands poker so much deeper than I do. He wrote this introduction for the Syndicate…which I share with you.

Please download and try to understand what we hope to accomplish. We need LEG power – regardless if you are a 10$, 100$ or 1000$ player.

I will say after our first three weeks – I’ve been floored by the response.

First, I could invite a few new skype pals over for Christmas, met some great people…I underestimated the power of the syndicate for drawing in some great people.

SECOND…While deep – you can count on 10 rail birds, some free advice, and interesting debate on hands played….LIVE! It’s like having Sheets and Bax rail you – that’s powerful.

And finally – the pressure is on – TPS wants and needs you to have good results. It has increased my focus 10 fold and other members have said the same thing. It makes you realize – we are watching….we expect better from you. You’re being compared, monitored and benchmarked. Are you getting better, are you driven to win.

The blog has come together and soon we’ll move to a website…something really sweet. We’ve passed 2000 hits….averaging about 200 a day.

And how about these apples……We WIN!!!!Our players have knocked out about 10 wins over 2 weeks, led by Strike1, Modfan, Eemil, Sickbay, Bishmonten and MX5…not to mention Sickbay0….I’m absolutely thrilled to have such great players contribute and will work to make this a excercise worth sticking around for. Whether its 4$ 180 man’s or Sunday Million – TPS is represented by some of the best players out there. 1.7 million on line players and we have 10 in the top 2000 – that’s impressive.

We’ve got interest from top pro’s, teaching pro’s, top ranked players and die hards. We got international response from Romania, Spain, Portugal, Finland, US, Canada, LATAM…and emails come every day.

It’s up to you to now take this to the next level…if you are in – be in with both feet. If you are out – no problem, let me know – we’ve got lots of emails asking to help.

But I promise you this – 365 days from now – you’ll be a better player – you’ll be a more focused player – +Ev … I promise.

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  1. December 1, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    OMG. just read this. so sick man. i’m honored but not worthy of using my name as an exemple. But thank you anyhow!

    let’s get the syndicate going!!

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