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Okay What Now

Last night was chatting with the Finnish Philosopher, the Seattle Super Sonic and “King” McClusky, when it occurred to me….this is a pretty cool gig we have going.

At about the same time my local homey Fiber made a comment….”even if this ended tomorrow I have an unbelievable network of poker knowledge in my contacts now – its’ been great” (or something like that)….not to be outdone Eemil chimed in – “We have a special group here”….all true. Made me realize…

Jim Clemmer is an author I highly recommend….if you are into that leadership/growth subject….he wrote a book called Growing the Distance which has always resonated with me … and as a middle aged father of two…good timing. It’s about the mental aspects of continuing to grow as a person….further more has interesting “poker” implications…you’ll have to read it to understand.

What’s interesting is at times – Poker provides me with that growth. It stimulates us mentally, it’s a constant evolution of conscious to unconcious and you begin again…tackling new subjects – getting deeper, understanding and finally winning.

The people you meet and the books your read, that’s how Clemmer describes your personal journey…maybe he could of added Video’s you watch.

So in many ways, this is a personal journey, maybe just for me, maybe for all of us. Requires careful planning, and we’ve begun that planning process. I’ve asked Mark (MX5) and Huge (strike1) to assist in defining that framework as newly minted board members of the syndicate…wait till they read this…they’ll be so excited.

Mark has provided some excellent material and I’ll be creating the plan from here. Our “attack” on poker knowledge begins in 2010…so this week end, we’ll finalize some plans. If you haven’t caught on, our goal is create and study poker knowledge, break it down, build it up and create a great foundation for our membership.

By the end of the week end, I’ll be posting some HOMEWORK that we need everyone to jump in on. We realize that no everyone is in the same situation in regards to available time (2 kids, 2 jobs, very very understanding wife (not!)) so we’ll try limit how much available poker time you’ll need, but safe to say a few hours a week….the occasional discussion…pod time…you get the idea.

Already we’ve moved some members out who have either indicated they can’t make the commitment or just haven’t been contributing…I’ll be going through the PODS on last time to make sure we’ve got good balance….might make a change/addition as needed.

There is a forum topic, idea’s for the syndicate…now’s the time if you want to chime in…even just to say…I like the direction we’re headed.

If you haven’t registered for the forums – please do so for Sunday Night….Homework assignment #1.

Have a great weekend at the tables, we’ve had another week of incredibly deep runs, and I hope we can all join in. If you’re playing – put your skype on – it’s fine if you don’t want the distraction … actually commendable…but at least stop in and say hi to your POD and invite them to rail you. Tomi made a great point about adding it to your signature block on skype – so we can find you and bring some TPS luck.

As a player once taught me “you have to run good”….and I thought there was more too it.

Also congrats to Jesse85James who captured the 4$ 180 man with several TPSer’s joining in. With 5-6 in the field of 180 – you knew one of us was taking it down!!!!!!!!! How good was that…..

Congrats as well to Stringbender – who took one down last night….too bad we didn’t all live close by to have a few drinks on String…perhaps in vegas. Great work.

Good luck all…be in touch Sunday/Monday.


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