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GROUP DISCUSSION TWO – Monday December 14th

First, for those that were unclear my apologies….

The next DISCUSSION GROUP will take place beginning December 14th and December 16th…same posted times 4 pm, 9 pm and 10 pm Monday and 4 pm Wednesday. Once again, I will call you via SKYPE and please be on line – ready at that time. These meeting will last 45 minutes…and again we’ll attempt to PODCAST at http://www.blogtalkradio.com

If you haven’t heard our first cast – it’s extremely mediocre but fun to listen too…and we hope to better the content as we move forward not to mention the “exciting” sound bites. Can be found here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepokersyndicate

Our groups will then meet bi-monthly – not weekly…however on off weeks…the plan is either have a “tournament” – please see MX5’s forum post and contribute to our idea’s or your POD can take advantage of the off week to hook up – either live or virtually. Again, we respect everyone has different availability on time, but seeing the constant chat on skype…perhaps we need to meet daily (lol). Do what you can please to make a contribution.

Then – for the holidays….we’ll be on hiatus till the first week of January with your PODS hopefully get together the week of January 4th and the following week DISCUSSIONS on January 11th and 25th.

Our vision is as follows:

Initially we need to have each of the FIFTY KEY FACTORS “loosely” defined, (“FF”) meaning our members can identify what it looks like….then have each factor prioritized – how important is this. We need each member to correctly identify the situational aspect of a hand, and the various “factors” it defines. Each hand can have more that one of the FIFTY KEY FACTORS – but generally it has emphasis on one.

We’ll then assign each member with 1 complete tournament series (i.e. AJK Hoosier 50k Tilt win video 1-6) and ask that member to ‘log’ the video. This format for logging will include an online spread sheet which you’ll fill out with relevant information. i.e. Hand 25 AJs UTG+1 M=19 PREFLOP FACTOR1 Reraise to isolate BB FACTOR2 Reraise vs. initial raise etc.

The spreadsheet has to be both functional (meaning it covers a lot of stuff) and easy to use (if everyone uses a different code, name for stuff etc. ) makes it possible to search by topic, either hand, or situation or FACTOR and create a growing database of when a situation happened. We then have some decent video footage to sort and create a neat “video” of a factor.

We now take this logged video and assign to each pod a few factors…call it 2 FACTORS a group. The pod must now take it a step further…learn as much as they can about that factor, and create a living document (meaning it grows and changes) of that factor.

We then base each DISCUSSION SESSION on one factor – Each POD creates a presentation (henceforth FF) and will be presented as…

DEFINE exactly the Factor – what it is, what it looks like, the conditions required…initially this definition is just enough to get by on, enough that a member can say “I saw that at 12:10 hand 25 of the AJKHoosier Video” … the we assign each factor to a POD (or basically TWO Factors) to a POD who must create a Powerpoint precisely defining the Factor, outlining its value in Tournament play, defining the conditions that must exist for this Factor, and examples of success and failure.

EVALUATE your “depth” of understanding, by either challenging Hand examples you need to discuss, evaluate or situations etc. Evaluating your understanding is key to measuring your growth. This is a “TEST” created by the POD….lets keep it simple – 3 examples of the FACTOR and how would you play this hand, or T/F questions or Multiple choice. Something that tests your understanding of the FACTOR. We obviously also expect members to self evaluate and say “I have no clue what they are talking about”

DEMONSTRATE the proper play via ‘logged’ video from HH, Video, live TV etc. Basically clip after clip of video outlining how to play in that situation. If everyone does a ‘decent’ job of logging a tournament – then it is going to take a bit of effort from the POD to watch each video sequentially. I can offer some insight into how to create a ‘Collage’ of video … basically open browser after browser and set it up to watch each one – one after the other. Maybe someone has a better way (wink wink)….

CORRECT your play, discuss the proper play and make sure you understand the play in it’s entirety (this is where the discussion comes in)…so in order to discuss your play – you have to go through your own HH and find situations where that factor occurs and again apply what you’ve learned and bring it to the table.

= LIVING DOCUMENT…links to great articles, books, chapters, online sites, additional HH etc. which we can put in a nice tight Powerpoint format….in a library for our members.

After a discussion on a Particular subject obviously a FORUM is set up which allows continued input. Some Factors I imagine are cut and dried, some a little grey area…etc. The forum becomes the discussion of the factor and perhaps it becomes obsolete, perhaps there is a counter…perhaps it becomes clearer to someone by posting additional hands…questions can be asked here.

The key is that the forum must be well organized and structured, so as we add library element to it…its easy to find. All our HH now become “sortable” based on the factors involved. The FF become part of your lexicon, everything is defined by the FF.

When we are done, we might have 150 questions that now form a test, an exam per se. Since each factor will have 3-5 questions, that would serve as a great “final exam” or “self evaluation”…

As Mark MX5 put so eloquently CRITICAL = “we need to finalize a list, prioritize it and carve up ownership amongst the POD.” Part of your homework this week is actually reading his paper and getting involved in this project. http://thepokersyndicate.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=fiddyfactors&thread=104

We’re setting up each POD with one factor, and each member with one video to log. This logging aspect will form part of our discussion and I will have a “demo” for everyone Monday. We’ll work through video, log it, and I’ll show you the online spreadsheet…which I hope will have an ease of use – hoping!!!

This week, I’ll be working with Mark to reorganize the forum. Your homework is as follows:

1. Housekeeping….sign up for the forum, sign up for the email blast on this home page…I have 30 members but only 23 signed up for email on the forum. I’ll be using the forum PM system to reach out to members. Please help…I can’t chase anymore.

So what to do – 23 signed up at the forum leaving 7 members out in the cold…do I chase them, should I care? I think we just move on – give them the discussion to get a heads up – are you in or out…and then cut the groups down


2. Fifty Factors…you MUST read Mark’s paper discussing the fifty factors, and in that thread…put a comment…whether is a lame +1 (as in don’t bother me – I don’t have time) or add something of value to the discussion. Your thoughts on the FF, how you see it, what’s important…any to add, any you don’t like, the format. YOU MUST MAKE A POST ON THIS SINCE IT IS THE BASIS FOR OUR GROUP…by FRIDAY!

Basically I was expecting to see 30 comments, I’ll give it the weekend. We again are just asking for a +1 (I read this and agree) or some sort of acknowledgement you understand the scope of the upcoming project. As of right now (Sat) we have NINE responses. PEOPLE PLEASE HELP HERE….CHECK OUT THE FORUM AND POST A NOTE THERE>>>> LAST CALL.

3. MEET YOUR POD. You’ll be asked to introduce someone else in your POD, meaning you must get to know them, make it a POKER introduction, he started playing when he was 5, his worst mistake is calling big raises, he wants to travel the world and play…etc. You must reach out and meet your POD….they are your study partners.

This will take place Monday – are you ready to introduce your POD??????

4. CHECK BACK on FRIDAY…I’ll have a link to the GOOGLE LOGGING SPREADSHEET, play with it, get to know it, have intelligent questions for the discussion, be ready!

5. CHECK BACK on FRIDAY…I’ll have our ROUNDTABLE Segment up, our FORUM reorganized and DISCUSSION set up for Monday. Rather than discuss and offer “what we are talking about” – I’d love it if everyone was up to speed on the Hands we’ll be discussing, the log spreadsheet and the “presentation” we’ll have….

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION SEGMENT : THE QUESTION AND DISCUSSION WILL BE “WHEN DO YOU GAMBLE” during an MTT. What is it that gets your to say – yeah – I’ll Flip a coin here?”

The Forum has been reorganized – we’re waiting on the fifty factors to get it all set up…but a new document will be posted in the Forum to discuss the forum. We’ll add it to our discussion.

The hands we’ll be discussing will be up in the forum.

6. We’ll have a discussion on MENTAL FOCUS and therefore require everyone to complete their commitment tournament. PLEASE READ THE POST HERE: http://thepokersyndicate.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=bullshit&action=display&thread=90

Has everyone given this a shot – or read up on it….

I hope everyone is fired up….I know we are all enjoying the nightly chat… a bonus feature. I’ve read some great tidbits of information on hands, and would love to put a forum up on “WHAT I LEARNED ON THAT MASSIVE SKYPE CHAT”

Anyways….more great wins this week from members. I have witnessed several deep runs and some impressive closes. I dropped my cable, I’ve got entertainment on skype all night long now…so I am good to go.

See everyone online this week, and look forward to some solid posts. COMPLETE YOUR HOMEWORK or the Poker Karma will be yours to deal with.

Good Luck All!

Steve “bigbamboom” Cooke

PS I am going to the Gym tomorrow as I work towards setting my commitment tournament date. I want everyone to know that I will be winning the 3$ rebuy and the 6k soon. Once I reach my goal of dropping a few lbs. and getting in shape..I’ll be rereading my poker bible, taking a hard look at my recent play and focusing all power on getting up for one last poker tournament….and I’ll play like a god….it just takes….COMMITMENT.

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