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Still have time…let’s put it to use

Freshman – Sophomore – Junior – Senior – GRADUATE …. original document created “50 Factors” and original goals of The Poker Syndicate – brought together 30 people from all over the world who were dedicated MTTer’s and coming from different buy ins, levels of success. Some were top 1% of players in the world, some 1$ grinders, others on the way up through the poker ladder. We had issues….

Issue #1…..how to make all a part of the process and how to get all the information needed to make them feel contribution was worth it. To try and be all things to all players.

Solution #1….pace of study will begin with newbies, creating material covering basics of tournament poker. Study will include Harrington on Holdem. Baseline of Knowledge. From there we’ll move up through concepts, growing the database, increasing the level of knowledge until we get to advanced concepts – where all should benefit.

Issue #2 …. Time and Space. Too much time was spent trying to organize and create material, to the point where the infrastructure was poorly planned, and It was (I was) overwhelmed. Trying to be the source for world class players, and trying to create website, forum, chats, meetings, assignments, radio show (wtf)….all got to be to big – to fast. Add as someone mentioned (Life happens) career and we got issues. Time is an issue.

Solution #2…. Can’t please everyone or be all things to all people. Lay the frame work, let people contribute as little or as much as they want. Take back “groups” and allow individuals to join and read/watch at their own pace. Framework in place before study starts. People can “cling” to each other as needed, offer coaching, mentoring etc. as they want.

Issue #3….What and who is going to teach or what are we going to learn, and who is going to teach … all these questions. After much discussion with top pro’s – and the ethics raised by having them “participate” as coaches …. I learned a valuable lesson. There are some players who would prefer the sport of poker – the challenge of poker – vs. the “success” formula (read between the lines) so my feeling is – you are on your own. Some of the players in the Syndicate might be kind enough to work through a tournament with you – or allow you to quietly ghost them…I encourage it. To talk hands, to talk strategy while tournaments are on. We will set up times for you to watch players play (a few have offered). Bottom line is this is self study….

Solution #3….Create the framework, offer structure, allow players access to forum, spreadsheets like a wiki page – all can move stuff around, all can create, all can suggest. Open Source Poker Learning.

Issue #4…..who is the expert, who is the “Man”…

Solution #4 … Someone out there will come forward and take charge as the best poker player – and offer to help structure this right. Someone….but for now its me. We have some good players who have offered to watch and mentor players…without financial rewards..which I like. I would like to thank the Skeleton Poker Syndicate still on Skype who let me bounce some idea’s off them….and they were excellent at giving me perspective on what is acceptable….and putting some ideas in perspective (and others in the garbage)

Issue #5 …we have been here before – with you telling us we are going to do a study group and you bailed. Why again – why should I bother?

Solution #5….Did you get a little something out of the last attempt…failed as it was. I hope yes…even if you went back through the forums right now – you see some incredible posts. Even in Failure – we had some benefits. Maybe you know someone today that you didn’t before. Maybe it got you thinking about something you never thought about. Even today TPS members are winning poker tournaments. Because it is still valuable to attempt and fail – then to never try. Because we learn from our mistakes. In the end, a sudden career change – time factor – took out TPS. But I will try to create the foundation for an OPEN SOURCE STUDY group – with some defined topics, forum posting and video watching. In the end, in 12 months I have a goal to win a poker tournament.

Because we love poker and we want to find answers….to all that try again – welcome back. For new peeps here…never mind.

GOAL: “Just Win Baby”! Al Davis – NFL Owner

– BOOK STUDY: Take top books and study them – create study guides, chapter summaries and make sure concepts are understood …. and discussed.

– GAME THEORY: Break down Tournaments in terms of Factors (not sure I can stomach 50 Factors) but to introduce and study key aspects of winning tournament poker. The list is long and can be as detailed as needed. Basic fundamentals will be skimmed over (opening hands/starting hand requirements early in tournament, playing small pairs etc.) and focus will be more on BB play with Big Stacks, 21-30 BB, and 20 under Blinds. In addition, players can add focus points, which in turn will be dissected and forumized.

– STARTING HAND ANALYSIS: Create database of Video, HH, Articles on how to play individual hands, i.e. forum topic like AK and all the different scenario’s and hand situations. Players can post hands in each section … and on and on.

– TESTS: To create tests of hands where you’re tested to the point where you feel you can handle the hand in tournament play.

how do we start – Curriculum:

Freshman Class – 90 Day Class

Read Book 1 and 2 – Harrington on Hold Em … Create Study Guide and Break Down Chapter by Chapter. Those that do not have books, should be able to get what they need out of the Forum. 6 Weeks – 3 Weeks dedicated to Book 1 – 3 Weeks to Read Book 2. Forum Updated after each Chapter. Start Date: Monday October 25th – Please see forum on Sunday for break down of Assignment.

Freshman Class Assignment 2 – After 3 weeks – Most key concepts have been reviewed in Book 1 – begin Logging video. Because we are freshman – we’ll focus on PXF video’s that have lower buyins, non-rebuy. The goal will be to watch the video, and login to a spreadsheet….where every hand played that has teaching implications is noted by TPSers. Then after doing a few video’s to revisit our data and identify key aspects of poker tournaments, break them down. Here is what the Log looks like – let me play with it – but the concept is to have all the key teaching points noted after each video….

visit https://spreadsheets0.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dDZNOFg5VGMtbW5UQ3RkdFptbmhvSnc6MQ#gid=0

Freshman Class Assignment 3 – Watch Top Ranked Tournament Player – play 4 tournaments and walk through how he plays – the success he has, and understand basic concepts of tournament play. This will occur after 4 Weeks – we’ve read basics, we studied a few video’s and we need to see someone good play. He’ll put on a show – 4 table and talk on skype. In addition, we’ll have some other good playes watching and commenting. If you are open to playing for us – and are good. We’d like to hear from you.

Freshman Class Assignment 4 – Play as a group – watched by our TPS Pro’s (or better playes) – who will help understand your key mistakes. In addition, I recommend you keep a spreadsheet of hands you play or use HEM, Poker Tracker – to watch your play. Bottom line is you have to play for us.

Finally Test and Graduate – Finish in X place in a tournament and write a Test.

Total Time To Complete – Freshman Class – 12 weeks.

Read Harrington 1 and 2
Review 6 Videos on PXF
Create Starting Hand Forum
Create Video Log
Have Pro play
Have Group Session

Freshman Graduates to Sophomore – Sophomore Group – More advanced video’s – deeper breakdown of key situations.

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  1. Steve
    October 23, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    I just checked out the “About” section of the Poker Syndicate – it was about a year ago that the idea was hatched. I reread everyone’s feedback on McLucky’s work – and some interesting comments from some good players. Here was the original message out to players in general.

    Wondering if anyone was interested in starting an in depth learning exercise … based on MTT video’s, books, HH, live railing and discussion.

    My goal would be to find like minded committed players (part time) looking to improve their game by analyzing information in a community based discussion (perhaps via skype).

    Each week we’d set a couple of designated times, perhaps 1.5 hours each session 3 hours weekly, to break down and analyze our team members MTT play, focus on a video series and discuss, and perhaps discuss a book in unison etc.

    The goal would be to create an MTT club, where members can bounce idea’s off of each other.

    I would be more than happy to faciliitate and document the journey as I have decided to invest some time in my game. I believe I can bring a solid (99.8% OPR) player into the group who I consider as good as anyone I know. I would think we have a core of 2 very good MTT players, 1 so so player and 1 top ranked pro to rely on for advice when needed.

    The learning would start with chosen video’s – and analysis. Each week one member presents HH and we review for the following week. In addition, if members want to help direct the learning process, a particular set of vid’s or aspect of Tournament play can be discussed.

    I’ll work on a solid structure and look forward to anyone’s PM’s outlining interest of idea’s towards creating a solid team of learners.

    Obviously we partake in a tournament or two ….

  2. Steve
    October 23, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    I’m very interested in the material we might come up with in pursuing those goals. If we fail miserably at coming up with 50 factors, but we end up with 12 important categories and a bunch of links to resources and discussions under each of those categories, and a good framework and network of people to discuss those issues with, I’ll be super-happy.

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