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Do the basics Matter….

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GameID Date (EDT) Type EntryFee Position Profit
328435189 5-Nov-10  14:18 NL Holdem   $25 2/45 $214.87
328049710 4-Nov-10  11:34 NL Holdem $12 2/6 $12.20
328049467 4-Nov-10  11:31 NL Holdem $12 2/6 $12.20
328049769 4-Nov-10  10:51 NL Holdem $12 1/6 $33.80
328053413 4-Nov-10  10:48 NL Holdem   $12 1/6 $33.80
327816904 3-Nov-10  16:22 NL Holdem   $12 4/6 -$13
327604517 2-Nov-10  22:51 NL Holdem   $12 1/6 $33.80
326764859 31-Oct-10  13:53 NL Holdem   $12 1/6 $33.80

I think you have to run good … no doubt about it. But rededicating myself to basics, ABC poker….and trying to widen my depth of understanding by digging into Videos, books and private coaching has made a real difference. Add to these SNGs a 37th in the 3$ rebuy and I am feeling pretty good about my game…I realize these are small stakes, but it feels like I am getting a better understanding of stack considerations, hand value, bet sizing and SB vs. BB play.

I hope this translates into deep tournament runs – at the lowest levels anyways … and slowly allows me to rise up to better tournaments and stakes. This week we begin the Video review and look forward to dedicating myself to PXF….hope all our members are getting something out of the posts.

EXCITING NEWS….I have asked a few top pros to drop by the forum and comment on the occasional hand history – most are very interested in helping out….so get those hands in.

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