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Back in the Swing of Things

April 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Oh Poker is tough to leave behind. My True love. For those of you who have subscribed to TPS it’s been a long time.

First, an update on some of our members. Remember the PRO we talked about helping us out. Well he has gone on to win more money live and on line than just about any other Pro out there. Last year he came 4th in the WCOOP Main and he continues to dominate the Poker Scene.

Jess85james has become a stellar on line player – taking down tournament after tournament and crushing the MTT stakes.

While I haven’t kept up with many others…I am sure Black Friday has had its impact on the ability to participate in the game…we feel for you.

Finally, the Video Study – that was the core basis of the TPS is back under way earnestly. We will post our results on line for all to utilize.

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