Welcome to PokerHorde.com …. the original Poker Syndicate…below is our original posting:


We were a group of international poker players who enjoy playing, improving and most of all winning MTT online poker tournaments. Our membership was a diverse group of dedicated players looking to improve their poker through video, book  study and mentoring. We lean on the knowledge of top Pro’s on PXF … and are dedicated to learning as much about the game as we can. Our group includes some top on line players, who results speak for themselves. We welcome all levels and abilities…

Posted on PXF, the Poker Syndicate is much like a golf country club….We have a Pro, we have teaching Pro’s and we have members of all calibers. All are welcome – our goal is to improve our play.

We also offer HH review, shadowing, railing and other mentoring features. We have a round table of excellent players who have offered to help our “weaker” players develop.

As posted on pxf forum…our mission and goal.

We don’t ask our members for money to help teach, we ask them to contribute. We take all sorts, as long as your dedicated and interested and can show some mutual respect to those who want to improve. We’re open to taking this any and every direction to improve our poker skills, leveraging the knowledge of our members, PXF video, and the latest books on poker.

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2009 21:52    Post subject: The Poker Syndicate – Learning Group – Anyone Interested. Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

Wondering if anyone was interested in starting an indepth learning excercise … based on MTT video’s, books, HH, live railing and discussion.My goal would be to find like minded committed players (part time) looking to improve their game by analyzing information in a community based discussion (perhaps via skype).

Each week we’d set a couple of designated times, perhaps 1.5 hours each session 3 hours weekly, to break down and analyze our team members MTT play, focus on a video series and discuss, and perhaps discuss a book in unison etc.

The goal would be to create an MTT club, where members can bounce idea’s off of each other.

I would be more than happy to facliitate and document the journey as I have decided to invest some time in my game. I believe I can bring a solid (99.8% OPR) player into the group who I consider as good as anyone I know. I would think we have a core of 2 very good MTT players, 1 so so player and 1 top ranked pro to rely on for advice when needed.

The learning would start with chosen video’s – and analysis. Each week one member presents HH and we review for the following week. In addition, if members want to help direct the learning process, a particular set of vid’s or aspect of Tournament play can be discussed.

I’ll work on a solid structure and look forward to anyone’s PM’s outlining interest of idea’s towards creating a solid team of learners.

Obviously we partake in a tournament or two ….


The Syndicate was a dynamic group and unfortunately timing of “life” gets in the way – it became to big too soon and as it’s founder I let the group down. However some incredible things came out of the original group….forum idea’s – the creation of a master plan (the FIFTY Factors)…and lots of great friendships.

The goal now is to complete the original mission which is to database and organize a massive amount of video information in to a comprehensible set of video clips with access via database of information….and create a strategic plan based on that compilation. Imagine if you could instantly access – what to do – and when to do it – coupled with series of video of the best on line players.

As I work through I obviously hope to improve my MTT Play and create a lasting body of work that I can reference. I will post updates at http://www.pokerhorde.com

  1. steve
    October 23, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Hey guys – just went back over Rizen’s review of Airedale05 HH. He said during that that he agreed with Sheets that the best way to work on your game is back to front. In other words, work on your short hand game, short stack – push/fold. This makes alot of sense, I think most of us can play the early game fairly easily. Just a thought.

  2. steve
    October 23, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Great point Amy, I think getting to the Middle stages/Late stages where you run into situations that more likely define your tournament success….is a key of what TPS is all about.

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