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Back in the Swing of Things

April 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Oh Poker is tough to leave behind. My True love. For those of you who have subscribed to TPS it’s been a long time.

First, an update on some of our members. Remember the PRO we talked about helping us out. Well he has gone on to win more money live and on line than just about any other Pro out there. Last year he came 4th in the WCOOP Main and he continues to dominate the Poker Scene.

Jess85james has become a stellar on line player – taking down tournament after tournament and crushing the MTT stakes.

While I haven’t kept up with many others…I am sure Black Friday has had its impact on the ability to participate in the game…we feel for you.

Finally, the Video Study – that was the core basis of the TPS is back under way earnestly. We will post our results on line for all to utilize.

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Interesting Article on WSOP champ

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I had to laugh – in the local paper was a short QA with Duhamel …–q-a-with-poker-champion-jonathan-duhamel

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WSOP Live on line

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment

For those who subscribe for the blog – 90 mins dinner break – live again at 11:15 ish…

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Do the basics Matter….

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment
Recent Results Show Last 50 Results (1 Search)
GameID Date (EDT) Type EntryFee Position Profit
328435189 5-Nov-10  14:18 NL Holdem   $25 2/45 $214.87
328049710 4-Nov-10  11:34 NL Holdem $12 2/6 $12.20
328049467 4-Nov-10  11:31 NL Holdem $12 2/6 $12.20
328049769 4-Nov-10  10:51 NL Holdem $12 1/6 $33.80
328053413 4-Nov-10  10:48 NL Holdem   $12 1/6 $33.80
327816904 3-Nov-10  16:22 NL Holdem   $12 4/6 -$13
327604517 2-Nov-10  22:51 NL Holdem   $12 1/6 $33.80
326764859 31-Oct-10  13:53 NL Holdem   $12 1/6 $33.80

I think you have to run good … no doubt about it. But rededicating myself to basics, ABC poker….and trying to widen my depth of understanding by digging into Videos, books and private coaching has made a real difference. Add to these SNGs a 37th in the 3$ rebuy and I am feeling pretty good about my game…I realize these are small stakes, but it feels like I am getting a better understanding of stack considerations, hand value, bet sizing and SB vs. BB play.

I hope this translates into deep tournament runs – at the lowest levels anyways … and slowly allows me to rise up to better tournaments and stakes. This week we begin the Video review and look forward to dedicating myself to PXF….hope all our members are getting something out of the posts.

EXCITING NEWS….I have asked a few top pros to drop by the forum and comment on the occasional hand history – most are very interested in helping out….so get those hands in.

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Where are they now?

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

We want to congratulate one of the originals of the poker syndicate – Craig Ripley (ripperc) … Craig has had a   great month…building on some recent mid stakes scores – he cracked the final table in two majors. These fields are as tough as they get against top online pros.

His recent  finish in the WCOOP Main on line event and tough bust out in the subsequent Sunday Brawl on Tilt –  KK  vs. AK for seventh…illustrates his expertise in navigating deep runs against some of the best online poker has to offer. Congrats to Craig and his recent success….two Majors – two deep deep runs. Consistently Craig has managed to top on line tournaments….and now is starting to take on some high stakes. He credits much of his success to breaking down the game and coaching by World Class player Mike Leah. Craig has been taking lessons for the last few years and the results speak for themselves.

Craig will provide insight and commentary as we move through this teaching cycle….and Mike Leah has come aboard as our teaching pro.

What did RipperC do with the tournament winnings you ask?

Take you best friend to a game in Michigan – Goal line seats at Michigan vs. Michigan State

and a new car!

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Where are they now?

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Got a nice note from contributer MX5. He was a key supporter and contributer in the first go around, and his framework serves as guide as we move through the process of trying to create a body of work. He hopes to stop by from time to time to comment on HHs and help out. I’ve asked him for some time to do a full interview and discuss his poker growth.

He has a group that he works with as he has moved to full time poker….had a good WSOP making a few final tables in satellite events and now his on line stats speak for themselves. Here is a recent article on Mark – he recently won the Liverpool leg of the UK Masters. Won’t be long till we seem him online with Devilfish, Roland DeWolfe and others….

Congrats as well to RipperC – recent 4th in WCOOP and 7th in the Brawl….he continues to finish deep time and time again…

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October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

For those of you following along, this week we will be focusing on Preflop play according to the fundamentals…Please read Section Four and Section Five. In addition, please help populate the Starting hand forum with articles, links and even your own HH.

We’ll be posting a review of Week One’s Assignments and a TEST.

We welcome all our new members and are excited with some of the results so far!

Week Three we will begin Chats, and Video Review….

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