lesson plan

FRESHMAN – Solid Poker Understanding …  Break Even Player … Learn and understand key concepts.

Book Study:

Basics of Poker as laid out by Harrington on Hold Em Series – Books One, Books Two and Tested by Book 3 – realize that many of his concepts have been outdated and lack the necessary skill set to succeed in today’s – however basics are excellent and represents a great way to “Start”
Additional Articles from Internet as posted in Forums

Video Study:
Watch 6 Video’s on NL Holdem from PokerXfactor … mixture of Top Pro’s….different styles and levels. All Video’s will be posted in our Forums and we will “log” video from each….meaning you have the ability to create a book mark of each interesting hand for others to review.  Video’s will begin as a general outline – full tournament….with emphasis on cards, starting hands, flop, turn river play.

Key to being successful is starting with Early Tournament Poker Strategy – how to succeed and build chip stacks. Then we’ll adapt the back to front approach – how to win a tournament in key late stages, 30 BB and down and those area’s or the tournament where players have trouble and lack experience.

For all intense purposes, we’ll be creating a style of fundamental play that you can model your game after – and then deviate.

Live Play: We will offer those that are following a chance to either Rail a top player online playing in Low buy in level tournaments (60$ or less) and/or have them Rail you. We will offer 3 Railbird opportunities (structured with Skype) as well as 3 ghost mentor sessions (where top level players rail and teach us) …

Evaluation: Start with an evaluation of where you are, what your bank roll is, what your “playerscope” is (www.playerscope.com) and evaluate where you are at the end of 12 weeks.

Homework: We need contributors to log information and create a stronger forum.

Seven Parts in Harrington on Hold Em Book One.

Read One Each Week and post comments on the Forum – including comments on the Hands he offers as examples and the lessons he teaches.

Post One HH in the Forum and make One Comment on a HH each week.

Video Review will begin after week 3. We’ll be reviewing 6 video’s with each having 3-4 video’s in each section. That means a total of rougly 24 Video’s to watch over 9 weeks …. or 3/4 a week in terms of review. All the videos we choose will be fairly new, and we are asking each participant to comment via our web forum.

To Graduate, you have to read the books, watch the video’s and we’ll create some sort of test at the end. In addition, you’ll have to play live for the group (or for just me lol….) and be able to explain and teach me how to play….as well as be railed by a mentor player.

Finally, you’ll graduate to the Sophomore level – more in depth books, more in depth video analysis. More concentration on Math, introduction in the mental aspects of poker, deeper focus on situational poker later in the tournament, re-stealing, 3 betting, short stack etc.

Finally, I think at the sophomore level – you should be able to understand Push Fold theory and ICM play – taking a test of say 200 hands to score 90% … I’ll make the software available to all.

We are working on getting to a level where you can WIN tournaments….so join in if you can….

  1. November 23, 2009 at 5:35 am

    I’ve posted a discussion on this in the forum, had a great response to check out a video series by McLucky…much appreciate…once I get that done – I’ll post week one’s agenda here, and provide all the information I can.

  2. October 31, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    Freshman Week Two is posted in the Forums….

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